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Many people go through therapy and find that it takes the pain away, but doesn't bring the joy and satisfaction they want.  Others can find pathways to joy and success through the Law of Attraction and other Wisdom Thinking, but they find themselves stuck or blocked in some areas and they're not sure why.  Dr. Holly blends both psychological and wisdom thinking modalities to help you move forward and succeed.

For Actors, Writers, and Artists

When artists come up against blocks that limit their artistic range and professional growth, it is often because they are dealing with personal issues or because they haven’t professionally developed their craft to the degree they need.  In both cases, there are STRONG LINKS between these BLOCKS and psychological understanding and sophistication. When artists take the time to

1. Understand fundamental psychological concepts of human development and relationships  AND

2. Put some energy into understanding and processing through their own personal psychological issues and relationship dynamics

they are ALWAYS are able to take their art to the NEXT LEVEL.  This is why I have developed 8-week-courses, geared toward creative individuals, that help artists accomplish both tasks. After taking my 8-week course, actors, writers, producers, and directors alike will be able to write better, act better, direct better and interact professionally with agents, managers and teachers better. Guaranteed.

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